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THE LAST WILDERNESS - Sharing the beauty of our Oceans

'The Last Wilderness’ is one of our flagship awareness projects run through I AM WATER Ocean Travel - charting a journey around the world capturing unique encounters with large marine creatures, exploring our Last Wilderness on earth. The I AM WATER Team has been capturing exquisite still and video footage for our awareness films, exhibitions and books. We invite you to join us on our journey and our work through by joining us on a once-off exclusive trip to some of the best dive locations in the world through I AM WATER Travel - our social mission travel business that not only shares the appreciation of our oceans with paying guests - but each traveller generates funds for our I AM WATER Ocean Conservation kids workshops.

WHAT A WEEK WITH US LOOKS LIKE: You will be taught the art of free-diving, the joy of moving through the water with ease and grace- you will immerse yourself in the aquatic, physically and mentally. You will learn the physiology of the human body underwater, the mammalian dive response we share with whales, dolphins and seals and how our bodies carry the memory of water. Your hosts are top free-divers and watermen; you will be safe and inspired to explore your depths. Each day will begin with a yoga session, to prepare your lungs and body for deep breaths and time underwater, learning to control your breathing and slow your heart-rate. You will be offered breath-holding training on land, in water as well as deep diving sessions along a rope to prepare you for meeting the animals. "I AM WATER BELIEVES IN OCEAN CONSERVATION THROUGH HUMAN EXPERIENCE. THOSE WHO HAVE OPENED THEIR EYES UNDERWATER, THOSE WHO HAVE SEEN THE BEAUTY, THE MAJESTY, THE GREAT MARINE CREATURES OF THE WORLD BENEATH THE WAVES WILL LEARN TO LOVE, AND TO PROTECT. "





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