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Help us inspire more Ocean Guardians! 

Join I AM WATER’s global initiative in taking care of our oceans by empowering low resourced coastal communities with an appreciation for their oceans! All too often low income communities are left out of the conservation discussion. Our work aims to connect these underserved communities with their ocean wilderness, and allow the ocean to inspire our workshop participants with a wonder for the world below the waves.

We provide excellent, safe, engaging workshops that inspire behaviour change and keep our oceans healthy.

Here's how your donation will change lives and can help us create more safe, fun and immersive wilderness-based  opportunities for learners 

Volunteer With Us

I AM WATER is run by a small team and there are some things that you can offer to do including: 

  • Data capturer

  • Fundraiser

  • Office and garage maintenance

  • Business owners who would like to offer our coaching community socials

  • Garden work & landscaping

  • Team building facilitation

  • Chimney sweep

  • Electrician

  • Mechanic

  • There may be things we haven't thought of! If you have a skill that you think would benefit us let us know.

Please click on the button below and fill in our quick form and we will contact you.

  • Sponsor an Ocean Guardians Workshop
    Sponsor an Ocean Guardians Workshop
    Each session accommodates up to 36 participants. Includes 2 days, equipment and a healthy lunch. Donation = R15000
  • Ocean Connection Team Building
    Ocean Connection Team Building
    Building connected teams through snorkelling adventures.
  • Book a Winter Ocean Experience
    Book a Winter Ocean Experience
    Join the I AM WATER team for an unforgettable snorkel experience this winter. Immerse yourself in the beauty beneath the waves while learning more about the marvellous animals found in our blue backyard. To inquire about rates and book your winter snorkel experience email shireen@iamwateroceanimpac
  • Sponsor A Child
    Sponsor A Child
    Donation = R500
    Your donation will pay for clean equipment (wetsuit, snorkel & mask) and a healthy meal. Donation = R500
  • Sponsor New Equipment for our workshops
    Sponsor New Equipment for our workshops
    Your donation will pay for new equipment requirements as we need to replace current stock due to wear and tear. Includes branded Wetsuits and snorkel buoys and snorkels and masks to meet our numbers. Donation = R7000

I AM WATER is a registered NPO/PBO in South Africa, a 501-C(3) in the USA with tax benefits in both countries as well as a trusted charity with Charities Aid Foundation for our UK & European donors wishing for tax deductible giving. 

Please email for more information on tax deductible giving

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