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Our River Guardians Workshops are a one-day experience that is intended to highlight the connection between river health and ocean health. The workshops use environmental education as a tool to discuss topics like the water cycle, river health, conservation challenges and empowering solutions to the challenges presented. Citizen science is used in the form of a mini-SASS  to illustrate how river health can be affected by human influence. Alongside the mini-SASS, a river ecosystem exploration and river bank clean-up are used to further deepen the understanding of this message. These workshops take place along two different sections of the Liesbeeck river in Cape Town, and are focused on allowing participants to see the connection between rivers and the ocean and how their actions can positively impact the natural ecosystem as a whole.
Education, exploration and understanding are the first steps to healthy rivers and oceans. This is exactly what the programme aims to do. One of our solutions to improving ocean health is to change behaviour at one of the sources of ocean pollution and empower youth to make a difference.

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