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A global ocean community network increasing access to the oceans for under-served youth. 


What is the OCEANS FOR ALL Alliance (OFAA)?

OFAA is an initiative by I AM WATER Ocean Conservation to share the knowledge we have learned over the past 11 years and to collaborate with a community that is as passionate as we are.

Our hope is that our knowledge shared with existing and new ocean education and connection programmes worldwide, will provide support for their growth.

What does OFAA do?

OFAA offers in person training for start up organisations who want to create safe and fun ocean education and connection experiences. Partner organisations will be trained to facilitate, implement and evaluate their own programmes. The training is based on our I AM WATER Ocean Connection Methodology and will be hosted in Cape Town where participants will see first-hand how our Ocean Connection Workshops run at scale.

Why join the OCEANS FOR ALL Alliance?

  • Provides you with professional training to allow you to create and facilitate ocean connection and education experiences.

  • Connects you with an international network of change-makers and ocean advocates.

  • Supports you through other alliance members and celebrate each other's successes.

  • Increases knowledge sharing between organisations.

  • Improves programme management through shared learnings.

  • Creates standardised global evaluation processes.


To find out more about becoming an alliance member, please contact:


OFAA membership and training is free to our beneficiaries as we endeavour to empower grassroots organisations and increase ocean access to under-served communities. OFAA assists local initiatives or individuals to optimise their influence and impact on their community, but we can't do it alone.


To support this initiative financially, please contact:

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