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Our team of coaches is at the heart of the work we do at I AM WATER. The coaching community comprises of marine scientists, NSRI crew members, Lifeguards and incredible ocean conservation advocates who are from the communities that we work with. Our coaches are strong and empowering role models to the participants of our various programmes. We provide the coaching community with continued training in first aid, free diving, public speaking, photography and career development skills in order to equip each and every one of our coaches with the skills to develop on not only a personal level, but a professional level too. 


To establish a new relationship with the ocean for children,  our programmes are delivered by young people (18 - 34 years) that often come from the same communities we serve.

This programme is set up to support coaches in skills development within the sector.


Our coaching community is made-up of three levels:

 1. Team Coaches

2. Senior Coaches

3. Lead Coordinators

Everyone starts as a Team Coach and can progress to a Senior and Lead Coordinator by completing various training and experiential hours. Lead Coordinators take on important roles to lead programmes and their fellow coaches. By encouraging young people to take the lead in delivering our programmes, responsibilities are shared and young people can inspire each other.  

The following Skills Development opportunities have been offered to our coaches:

  •  I AM WATER Training Workshops

  • Covid Officer Training

  • Public Speaking

  • Yoga and Breathing Training

  • Leadership Training

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