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Diski Nine9 Africa is a registered non-profit company based in Soweto, South Africa. Diski Nine9 was formed in 2015 and their objective is to use sports, notably soccer and netball as a tool to educate and empower young Africans. “Diski” is a slang term used in South Africa to describe the biggest and most loved sport around the world  Soccer. “Nine9” is a slang term meaning Authentic or Real.

Two representatives from Diski Nine9 joined us for an adapted River to Ocean Connection OCEANS FOR ALL Alliance training.






"This is a life changing experience. Lots of people are going to benefit from it and it will change peoples perspective about rivers. Create new opportunities for the learners and communities. It’s also going to create job opportunities. This is amazing. Awakening the spirit of Ubuntu and giving. You guys are all amazing. Thank you to the entire team or rather the family of I am Water for the warm welcome and taking care of us during our stay. In addition, thank for reaching out to Diski Nine 9. Had a wonderful journey. Looking forward to the partnership. You guys are selfless."

— Anonymous survey response

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