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Inhabitants of the Rocky Shores

Although many of us aren’t allowed to enjoy our ocean first hand at the moment, we can take this involuntary break from the blue as an opportunity to reminisce on explorations past. At I AM WATER, one of our very favourite ocean ecosystems to explore is the rocky shores. This is the area between the high and the low tide marks that is so named because it comprises predominantly of rocks. Here in South Africa, we have a richly diverse rocky shore ecosystem. All manner of creature can be found there, ranging from Octopuses and nudibranchs to tiny camouflaged kilpvis. And just like the larger, better known animals, such as orcas, great white sharks, and dolphins these smaller animals also have unique and captivating stories to tell.

So join us on a virtual trip to the rocky shores where we will encounter some of the wacky and wonderful inhabitants that call it home…

Photos by Katherine Wallis


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