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Happy Earth Day!

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Restore the Earth”. After the various lockdowns that went into action throughout 2020, the natural world saw a surprising recovery. In the absence of humans, nature started to return to areas that were industrialised. This unexpected return and recovery drove the decision to celebrate “Restore the Earth” this Earth Day.

Earth Day can be an overwhelming time filled with incredible information and countless ways to contribute towards the restoration of the Earth. When it can seem overwhelming we find that looking for small ways to get involved and make a difference is the way to go. What better a place to start than reminding ourselves of the importance of our oceans? The ocean does so much for this Earth, from oxygen production to carbon sequestration. Today and everyday we want to celebrate this incredible Planet Ocean! We are all in this together and we have a responsibility as inhabitants of this planet to do what we can to “Restore the Earth”, our home.


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