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Our Public Pop-Ups are a free offering to beachgoers. During the Summer months the I AM WATER team sets up at various beaches around Cape Town and runs a condensed version of our 2-day Ocean Guardians Workshops, to beachgoers aged 8-15yrs old.

Pop-Ups are an opportunity to introduce participants to the wonders of the ocean while imparting the importance of our actions on the health of the ecosystem.  

As part of our fundraising, we also offer paid Holiday Snorkel Camps during the Summer holidays. Over the two days, children will learn how to snorkel confidently and safely, interact with amazing ocean animals and learn all about ocean conservation. Participants will leave having learnt new skills while feeling empowered to protect the ocean! ⁣⁣

  • Book a Private Ocean Experience
    Contact us here
    Click Below to Contact for details
    I AM WATER offers intimate wildlife encounters with the ocean’s most majestic creatures. You'll be coached by our team while generating funds to support our youth projects. 100% of the proceeds of your donation go towards our Ocean Guardians Workshops. **Includes equipment
  • Sponsor A Child
    Your donation will sponsor a child
    Donation = R500
    Your donation will pay for clean equipment (wetsuit, snorkel & mask) and a healthy meal. Donation = R500
  • Sponsor an Ocean Guardians Workshop
    Help us get more kids in the water
    Donation = R15000
    Each session accommodates up to 24 participants. Includes 2 days, equipment and a healthy lunch. Donation = R15000
  • Sponsor New Equipment for our workshops
    Help us get clean equipment
    Donation = R7000
    Your donation will pay for new equipment requirements as we need to replace current stock due to wear and tear. Includes branded Wetsuits and snorkel buoys and snorkels and masks to meet our numbers. Donation = R7000
  • Support a Paid School Speaking Session
    Support Here
    Enquire for details
    100% of every paid school talk at a privileged school goes to funding a talk at under privileged schools within our communities. Enquire for details
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