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Benefits of Environmental Education

Environmental Education (EE) is the process of using organised efforts to facilitate individuals gaining awareness of their environment, developing skills, knowledge and experiences to act, whether as individuals of a collective, to solve environmental issues. In essence EE is a learning process that increases peoples' knowledge and understanding of environmental challenges.

EE is about connecting people to the environment so it can take place either indoors, outside or even online depending on what tools are being used. There are five components that are commonly used in EE programmes:

  1. Creating awareness of the connection between humans and the environment.

  2. Foster attitudes of gratitude and concern for the environment.

  3. Build an understanding of natural systems and processes.

  4. Nurture problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  5. Build capacity for personal and collective action & civic participation.

* EE is taught from an objective point of view to encourage participants to have agency in deciding what their personal opinion based on the information they are receiving.

We believe that Environmental Education is vital for ensuring the longevity of our home, planet Earth. Not only does EE have positive effects on the planet by fostering environmental stewardship, it also benefits participants in a number of ways:

1. Promotes a healthy lifestyle.

This is importnant because it encourages participants to make small changes to their lives that not only support environmental health, but human health too.

2. Develops critical thinking skills.

When EE is being taught, discussion and problem solving are encouraged. This creates the perfect setting to encourage critical thinking which can be transferred into all areas of life.

3. Emphasises the importance of being responsible.

EE programmes demonstrate the importance of being responsible for your own actions and being aware of the ways in which your actions can impact not just the environment, but all of the organisms that call our planet home.

I AM WATER uses the components of Environmental Education in all of our programmes to foster environmental stewardship and encourage environment-positive behaviour changes.


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