I AM WATER has partnered with Mamoli Orphanage in Southern Mozambique to take their children on swimming and snorkeling adventures in the waves right on their doorstep. 

Mozambique has some of the most spectacular diving destinations in the world. People come from around the world to see the underwater sights that are merely ten minutes walk from the Mamoli children’s home. I AM WATER and the caretakers at Mamoli Orphanage want to give these kids a glimpse of what their oceans are famous for.

I AM WATER teaches the kids about the importance of our ocean ecosystems and with donated masks and snorkels how to access the ocean wilderness. Some of the kids needed to learn basic swim skills and were afraid of the ocean at first. Despite their initial fear by the conclusion of their water session, they were laughing and playing like little kids naturally do. Not only do these children learn about the oceans and why they need to be taken care of, they conquer their fears and gain personal confidence too.

Our I AM WATER team is honored to share the oceans with these children and encourage others to do the same!