KwaZulu Mermaids Project Begins

Our KwaZulu Mermaids Project started with a splash! At the end of last year, I AM WATER’s Ocean and Education Manager Beth Neale broke the South African Free immersion freediving record to fundraise for this project. The campaign was a huge success and thanks to the generosity of donors, we will be able to introduce young girls to the wonders of the ocean and give them a life changing experience...

As an important first step, Beth decided to train 4 female lifeguards to become uMama Mermaids so that they can assist with the Project and help to teach the chosen Mini Mermaids. The goal was to empower these women to be more confident, knowledgeable and skilled in the ocean, as well as providing the future mini mermaids with role models that they are able to relate to and be inspired by. And that goal was definitely achieved!

It was truly inspirational to see the positive transformation that happened in such a short time. Our Ocean Outreach and Experience work with children has a large focus on helping them to overcome their fears. So, as part of our training to become uMama Mermaids, we wanted them to personally experience what it is like to overcome your fears.

And what better way to face your fears than to go freediving with sharks! All of the uMama Mermaids bravely got into the shark infested deep water and by the end of the dive, they now all love sharks and have a greater understanding of them. They were all empowered by their experience and they will me more experienced in helping the young girls overcome their fears.

Olwethu had actually never even been snorkeling and before the training, she was petrified of the ocean! So her first boat trip, ocean experience and freedive was with sharks, out at sea.

It was was an honour to work with powerful, brave and talented women.  We believe that mermaids are powerful, passionate and inspirational women of all backgrounds, races and abilities, who use their passion of the water to inspire the protection and conservation of our oceans.

We cannot wait to work with our uMama Mermaids during the KwaZulu Mermaids Project so that we can uplift, educate and create the next generation of passionate Mermaid Ocean Ambassadors!

Thank you once again to all of the generous supporters of the campaign for helping to make this life changing experience possible! And a special thank you to Chuzzy from Mermaids and Unicorns for kindly donating leggings for all of the uMama Mermaids and helping them to transform into real mermaids!