SHARING MEANING / Shamier shares his story

I am a 34yr old guy from a place in Cape Town called, The Cape Flats.

Most areas within the Cape Flats are over run with crime and drugs and it is easy to fall into that trap. I always searched for a better way of living, a place to find peace and beauty, and it was only till Three years ago i found this special place, it was actually beneath the ocean!

After finding it, i sadly came to learn that it is under threat,threat of pollution, and overfishing to name a few. I then started to look for a way to Educate myself firstly,then the youth who would grow up and hopefully teach their kids, famlies and friends how important it is to take care of the ocean and the life therein.

Faced with another problem,of spreading this message,i just could not give up,when my friend introduced me to "famous" Hanli Prinsloo, and Peter Marshall from The I Am Water Ocean Conservation...

I was so excited to meet these people whom are doing such excellent work in educating and spreading awareness all over the world. I joined them on their I Am Water Coaches Workshop where i was given the proper skills and knowledge of the ocean, marine life and also how to spread that message to the youth. Such professionalism,such intelligence, and such caring people were to be found at the I Am Water Ocean Conservation coaches workshop! 


After getting the necessary training we had a "pop-up" workshop, where we as new coaches would put into practice what we have learnt! It was such a fun and an amazing experience, and the way we were tought to run these courses on our training at the I Am Water coaches workshop, just made it easier for us to spark the interest of those kids, who are hungry for knowledge! We taught them that exercise is an important way to start a day,then we taught them about rock pools and the animals to be found in it,then we taught them how to snorkel and actually see and find living animals, and after,we did a beach clean up, explaining how important it was!Then had "sharing circle where the kids shared their experiences of the workshop,and they all seem to love it and wanted more!


I just loved the way these kids actually wanted to learn more,and how genuinely interested they were. I thought to myself, this is actually happening, we are starting to make a difference! 

I am extremely humbled and honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with such amazing and big hearted people,especially Hanli, and Peter...

I am so grateful to be apart of this amazing project!