While our Ocean Guardians Workshops span two days, our Alumni Programme spans a period of six weeks. This continued engagement programme allows us to build upon the ocean connection made on the Ocean Guardians Workshops over an extended period of time.

The focus of the Alumni Programme is to equip participants with improved water confidence, better  problem solving skills and personal development. We do this by meeting every Saturday over six weeks, where water safety skills are practiced and an ocean curriculum (in collaboration with Protect Blue) is worked through whereby participants brainstorm new and innovative solutions to current ocean challenges. We also have a snorkelling station where participants can practice their snorkelling skills and simply become one part of the ocean ecosystem.



The Ocean Guardians Alumni Programme pillars include:

  • Environmental Education

  • An Ocean Conservation CAPS aligned curriculum and place connection

  • Using snorkelling to teach ocean skills and learn about the environment by experiencing it in its physical location.

  • It will take Grade 7 learners from partner schools in Mitchell's Plain  and surrounds through a 6-week program that covers various marine related topics such as connecting with nature, biodiversity, conservation challenges and solutions

The Objectives of the Programme include:

  • Increase the level of ocean conservation awareness in Grade 7 youth from low income coastal communities

  • Increase level of connection to natural spaces (the ocean) to create environmentally conscious youth from low income coastal communities 

  • Increase the number of youth actively involved in protecting the environment (ocean)


The Outcomes of the Programme include:

  • Creating a positive relationship and meaning with the ocean and its story

  • Increased environmental literacy

  • Developing concern and dispositions toward the environment and intentions to perform stewardship related behaviours

  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection tools will be used to monitor and evaluate and adapt the programme